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Lawn Mowing

Leaf Collection

ramassage de feuilles

Flowerbed Cutting

Shrub Pruning

At Entretien Anderson Services, we are not only specialized in trees and hedges planting, but also in shrub pruning. We have a green thumb, and we have both the knowledge and the equipment to take care of the pruning of all your shrubs, whether they form a hedge or not.

We will even shape them nicely. Let us know what you want and we will make it happen!


Your lawn is lacking in vitality and starts to look sparse? Revive it naturally through topdressing, a way to regain your beautiful lawn.

This little-known technique consists of reseeding the lawn and subsequently spreading a thick layer of rich potting soil, using a machine designed for this type of work, in an aerated manner.

Thermal weeding

Do you want to get rid of the weeds that invade your curbs, cobblestones and driveways? Try thermal weeding.

This completely ecological landscaping technique is effective and will allow you to have impeccable landscaping in no time! Only hitch, it requires a thermal weeder. If you don’t own one, but you still want to use an ecofriendly and easier way than doing it manually… Call us!

désherbage thermique

Mechanical Sweeper Service

You need to sweep away scraps from your driveway, parking lot, walkway, path or any grassy areas after the spring melt or following major renovations….

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a quote. Our tractor and its brush can even go through narrow paths and alleys without destroying your lawn.

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